Lansdowne Capital

About us

Lansdowne Capital was founded in 1997 by a group of senior investment bankers based in London, with the objective of providing high quality and objective corporate finance advisory services to international clients and co-investing with those clients.

Since that time, Lansdowne Capital has successfully advised clients on a broad spectrum of assignments, focussing primarily on large, complex cross-border transactions requiring substantial senior banker involvement and sophisticated financial analysis. Typical projects include acquisitions, divestitures, fund raising, mergers, IPO’s, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, takeover defence and other strategic initiatives.

Lansdowne Capital has also invested successfully in working with selected management teams in helping them to grow their businesses. We assist through consultancy and board and committee membership in the development of our investee companies.

Our clients range from large public corporations to small private companies, and include both trade and private equity firms. As an international business, we have successfully undertaken transactions for clients in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Expert, impartial advice

Lansdowne Capital is privately-owned and therefore free from the potential conflicts of interest that are often encountered by the integrated banks and large accounting firms.

We are committed to providing objective and high quality corporate finance advisory services, combining extensive international investment banking experience and deep industry knowledge. The Lansdowne Capital team comprises senior investment bankers with broad transaction and advisory experience, supported by a pool of high quality sector specialists, financial analysts and support staff.

Industry and investment expertise

We focus on specific basic industry sectors, particularly those of paper and packaging, building materials, business services, distribution and wealth management.

We have also undertaken assignments in the financial services, consumer products, media, engineering, transport, telecommunications and technology sectors.

Quality client base and track record

Lansdowne Capital has successfully advised a large number of blue-chip corporations and investment firms. We place a high priority on building long term relationships with each of our clients; a substantial portion of our work is repeat business with our existing client base.

Established relationship network

Drawing from the extensive transaction and industry experience of our senior bankers and executives, Lansdowne Capital enjoys a well-established network of relationships with senior industry executives, industry experts, entrepreneurs, consultants and analysts, both within industry as well as within the investment banking and leveraged buyout communities. Industry executives are often co-opted onto our transaction teams to supplement our knowledge base and improve the quality of our strategic advice. We have strong relationships with many of the top European and global private equity firms.

Flexible, innovative approach

We consider our size to be an asset. As a privately-owned and fully independent business, we are able to remain flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs and to maintain complete confidentiality regarding our clients’ affairs. We are able to take on a broad range of assignments, both in scale and nature. For smaller assignments we are able to offer a quality of service that is not usually provided by our larger competitors. Although we typically work on an exclusive basis, for very large assignments we will occasionally work alongside the large investment banks, often in the capacity of "most trusted advisor".

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